Certified Course Reviewer v2


Course and Assessment Review


5 weeks

Study Mode



5 Subjects


16 May and 31 October




Recognised by Peer
Review Portal

The Peer Review Portal (PRP) and the Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI) are pleased to offer a professional development short course in Course and Assessment Review leading to certification as a course reviewer by HELI and recognised by the PRP.

This online course has been developed specifically for participants who undertake course reviews for the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), universities and independent higher education providers.

While we’ve been working on this for a while, TEQSA’s advice on the engagement of independent experts by providers make this doubly relevant.

This course will help participants develop best practice in course and assessment review methodologies.

Course Overview

Over five weeks, participants are guided through five modules created to help develop best practice in Course and Assessment Review, aiming to improve course quality and regulatory outcomes. Each week consists of readings, content and an online asynchronous Q&A.

Normally the course requires participants engage for 10 hours each week (approximately 3hrs directed, 7hrs self-directed), however this may be more or less depending on your individual experience and expectations. Included in the course there are two one-hour Zoom clinics led by the Course Educator, one each in weeks three and five. The Course is delivered through HELI’s learning management system.

100% Online

Two 1-hour Zoom Clinics

Weekly +10 Hours Engagement

Course Learning Outcomes

On completing the course participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate the alignment of assessments and activities with subject/unit learning outcomes.
  • Critically assess the design of similar courses or subjects/units.
  • Evaluate the quality of a course or subject/unit design.
  • Recommend evidence-based improvements to a course or subject/unit design

Course Content

Week 1: Course design
Week 2: Learning outcomes
Week 3: Assessment
Week 4: Subject/unit design review
Week 5: Course design review


There are two assessment tasks specified in the course: a subject/unit design review; and a course design review which are due one week after the end of the course.

Recognition: Students who successfully complete the two assessment will receive a HELI certificate, recognised by PRP as Certified Course Reviewer.

Starts Dates

This course is offered quarterly (subject to demand) and will commence on:

16 May 2022

31 October 2022

Course Cost

The fee for the Course is $1,375 ($1,250 +GST) payable upon registration.


Whilst there are no specific eligibility requirements to undertake this course it is highly recommended that participants will have a strong background in higher education learning and teaching.