2 Jul 2017

So you want to be a quality Higher Education Provider? Do you know what it takes to succeed?

The essential components for any institution wishing to deliver quality education outcomes in Australia is accreditation (gaining and maintaining regulatory approval), good governance (both academic and corporate) and a quality assurance framework within which an institution commits to operate.

Before you embark on your journey of becoming a Higher Education Provider (HEP), there are some important issues for you to consider. You are going to need to have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Interpret the Higher Education Standards Framework;
  2. Implement governance in a higher education context;
  3. Appreciate the importance of scholarship in a higher education provider; and
  4. Navigate the regulatory process for approving higher education providers.


Take a close look at the Higher Education Standards Framework, together with the key legislative requirements that underpin this framework to learn what you need to have in place as a non self-accrediting higher education provider for both registration and course accreditation, including:

  • creating a higher education governance framework
  • engaging qualified academic staff that are engaged in scholarship
  • developing higher education courses/curriculum
  • putting in place appropriate facilities and resources to deliver the proposed courses
  • putting in place a quality management system to monitor delivery of the proposed courses, and
  • understanding the regulatory process for approval.


As part of its philosophy to support aspiring Higher Education Providers, HELI has developed the six key pillars of quality higher education delivery that must be addressed to be successful in the higher education sector.

A clear understanding of the regulatory requirements and their underlying implications as espoused in the Six Key Pillars of Quality Higher Education Delivery will enable you to make an informed decision about whether the higher education sector is “right” for you.

01 Governance

Does your institution have in place systems for good corporate, academic, operational, administrative and financial governance?

02 Faculty & Scholarship

Does your institution have access to teaching staff with the necessary qualifications who can deliver the desired academic outcomes and are active in scholarship?

03 Facilities & Resources

Do you have the appropriate infrastructure (both physical and virtual) to deliver quality academic outcomes?

04 Curriculum

Does your proposed course address a coherent body of knowledge? Is the curriculum of a standard consistent with similar courses delivered by other higher education providers? Does the course align with the Australian Qualifications Framework?

05 Quality Assurance Framework

Have you developed a quality assurance framework to guide, monitor and measure your institution’s activities, both operational and academic?

06 Process

Do you understand the process to achieve regulatory approval?



HELI provides expert advisory services to educational institutions involved in the provision of independent higher education.

If you would like to know more, CONTACT US about your plans to achieve higher education status to see how we can help you achieve your goals.



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The Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI) is a new education enterprise aimed at fulfilling a niche role in the independent higher education sector. Through its team of higher education experts and researchers, HELI delivers global best-practice advisory services, mentoring and training to higher education providers. We aim to be a catalyst for the continued elevation and professional standards of the high-growth independent higher education sector in Australia.


Dr Peter Ryan has a wealth of experience in regulatory issues for private higher education providers. Over the past 20 years Peter has assisted a number of institutions to navigate the complex regulatory framework which ensures the quality of Australia’s higher education providers, specialising in the areas of regulatory approvals, quality assurance, and corporate and academic governance.  Peter is Founder & CEO of the Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI).

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