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FEE-HELP is a Commonwealth Government loan available to eligible students enrolled in HELI’s Master of eLearning, Graduate Diploma of eLearning, Graduate Certificate in eLearning or Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Academic Practice in order to help pay all or part of their tuition fees.

No loan fee applies to HELI’s postgraduate courses.

Details about HELP loans including eligibility requirements can be found here
Details about the repayment of a HELP debt can be found here. 
The current FEE-HELP Information Booklet can be downloaded here. 
Important policies relating to FEE-HELP are included on our policies page. 
If you have any questions about applying for FEE-HELP please contact us at 1300 00 4354 or via email at: [email protected] 


The Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI) offers a number scholarships every year to enable selected domestic students to undertake any of the postgraduate courses at HELI.

These scholarships may be awarded to individuals who can demonstrate the significant contribution that they could make to their communities as a graduate of the course.

While the scholarships are not specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we encourage applications from prospective students from indigenous backgrounds.

Applicants must meet HELI’s course admission requirements to be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Each scholarship covers 80% of tuition fees for the four subjects that make up the course.

HELI’S Commitment to Contribution to Community

Giving back to your community means contributing to the common good of that community, and using your professional skills to improve the well-being of others in your community. This might be through your participation in a not-for-profit organisation or a specific community project.

As part of your application you are required to demonstrate through a written statement how, as a graduate of this course, you will use the expertise you have gained and the graduate attributes you have acquired through your studies to make an impact and strengthen your community.

If you meet the criteria detailed above and wish to apply for a scholarship you must submit a concise statement (500 – 1,000 words) that demonstrates how you meet the criteria for the scholarship and what you intend to do with your qualification after graduation. The statement must be accompanied by at least two statements of support from community leaders, including their contact details.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted twice per year up to 1st May for a Term 3 commencement and up to 1st November for a Term 1 commencement the following year. Completed applications should be emailed to [email protected] with “HELI Scholarship” in the subject line.

Other Information

All applications will be considered by a Scholarship Committee and successful applicants will be notified in either early June to commence their course in the following July or in December to commence their course in the following February. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final. The Committee will in its sole discretion determine the number of scholarships to be awarded.

The scholarship is not transferable and must be taken up on the offer date.

HELI reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship if the student demonstrates poor academic progress or is guilty of misconduct as outlined in HELI’s policies and procedures. Scholarship holders will be asked for permission for their names and personal details to be used for promotional purposes.