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About HELI

Through its team of higher education experts and researchers, the Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI) delivers leading-edge qualifications in higher education learning and teaching, with emphasis on the growing importance of the eLearning domain.

HELI aims to be a catalyst for the continued professional development of learning and teaching professionals and higher education teachers globally.

Through our advisory services division, our higher education experts can assist your institution in navigating the complex regulatory framework that ensures the quality of Australia’s higher education sector. We also undertake regulatory due diligence on behalf of prospective purchasers of existing HEPs and provide strategic advice concerning regulatory matters associated with takeover and merger activity in the Australian private higher education sector.

Master of eLearning

HELI’s fully accredited Master of eLearning is specially designed to help professionals develop the requisite eLearning knowledge, skills, and understanding to work effectively in educational and related professional settings. There are four intakes each year, so enrol now.  

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Higher Ed Advisory

Accreditation, Governance and Quality Assurance are essential components for delivering quality education outcomes in Australia.
HELI provides expert advisory services to assist independent HEPs to meet their regulatory goals.

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Resources for HEPs

HELI has developed a suite of frameworks that can be utilised by independent HEPs as an alternative to building their own documentation from scratch. This includes Quality Assurance, Governance and Planning Frameworks.

and Planning Frameworks.
and Planning Frameworks.
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Access to peer-reviewed Journal articles, peer-reviewed conference papers and other academic papers authored by Helians.
Topics include the Australian Private Higher Education Sector, Tourism & Hospitality Education, Online Learning and MOOCs.

and Planning Frameworks.
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