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Face to Face (Melbourne) and Online
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Domestic: $36,000
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Course Description: Master of Research

Transforming education for the future

In a period when society and business have sought answers to unprecedented and rapidly escalating challenges, fundamental and applied research has provided answers. As a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous future evolves, research skills are ever more crucial in enabling society and business to innovate in response to political, economic, societal, technological and ecological change. In this context, HELI is proud to offer its newly accredited Master of Research.

The Master of Research has been accredited by TEQSA. This course is specifically designed to develop the skills needed to design and conduct research in educational and professional settings in response to these challenging times. This course is offered face-to-face at HELI’s Melbourne Campus (for all International Students) and online (available for Domestic students only).

Skill Development

Course Learning Outcomes

The course learning outcomes for the Master of Research are:

Subjects and Units

RES821 Understanding Research
RES822 Quantitative Research Methods
RES823 Qualitative Research Methods
RES824 Designing and Communicating Research
RES921 Research Project

The Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI) is an institution of higher education aimed at fulfilling a niche role in the independent higher education and industry’s learning and development field. Through its team of higher education experts and researchers, HELI delivers global best-practice advisory services, mentoring and training to the higher education sector, private organisations and the higher education community of practice. In doing so, HELI seeks to improve employment outcomes for the graduates and to promote career advancement within the higher education and private sector. In addition, HELI is committed to supporting the use of elearning within higher education, in order to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. As such, HELI provides a unique and valuable service to multiple industries.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Study Pathways

Research Areas

The Research Project can be conducted in a broad range of areas, as is reflected by the following Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification codes. 

Please click here to see HELI Research Policies and Procedures.

Career Outcomes

Suitable for students who want to develop their research capabilities and research practice. This course provides significant experience in planning and conducting research in the student’s chosen field. Graduates of this course will have gained experience of designing and conducting research in their chosen field or professional practice. Roles where these research skills are relevant include:

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Research Policies and Procedures

You can find all HELI Policies, Procedures and Forms by clicking here.