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Course Overview

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Full-time : 8 terms
Part-time : 12 terms


11 core subjects (including a double weighted Capstone subject.)


Domestic: $31,800
International: $36,000

Study Mode

Domestic students: Full-time or part-time...


4 intakes/year
31 January 2022


Graduate Diploma of eLearning

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eLearning and Master of eLearning explained

Transforming education for the future

In this digital age, the demand for eLearning professionals has never been higher. As companies and educational institutions continue to embrace digitalization, the need for individuals with the skills to create and deliver high-quality online learning experiences is increasing. This course offers a valuable opportunity for teachers, education officers, course developers, and training professionals to expand their career prospects by acquiring essential knowledge in web-based teaching and learning. Through this program, learners will gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively use technology in designing engaging online courses and facilitating digital learning experiences. In an ever-changing job market, investing in the skills necessary to stay ahead of industry trends is crucial. Enrolling in this eLearning course is a step towards preparing for a successful future in any field. So, if you’re looking for a course that will future-proof your career and provide you with the skills you need to thrive in the eLearning industry, look no further than HELI’s Graduate Diploma of eLearning.

Available 100% online and undertaken over 1 year full-time or 2-years part time, the Graduate Diploma of eLearning is specifically designed to develop a range of skills needed to meaningfully engage in eLearning in both educational institutions and professional settings.

Course Features

Skill Development

Course Learning Outcomes

The course learning outcomes for the Master of eLearning are:

Subjects and Units

HEP805 Learning and Teaching^ Core 8 0.125
HEP808 eLearning* Core 8 0.125
HEP809 Learning in Professional Contexts^ Core 8 0.125
HEP810 Design Thinking for eLearning^ Core 8 0.125
HEP907 Learning Analytics^ Core 8 0.125
HEP901 Developing eLearning Resources* Core 8 0.125
HEP902 eLearning Futures* Core 8 0.125
HEP905 Implementing eLearning Initiatives^ Core 8 0.125
HEP903 Designing Engaged Research^ Core 8 0.25
HEP904 Collaboration and Networking* Core 8 0.25
HEP906 Engaged Research Project^ Core 16 0.5
 ^Subject offered online and face to face Total for Course 96 2
 * subject offered online only    
  • The course comprises 8 core subjects.
  • Students will normally complete HEP805 prior to taking HEP808 or any 900 level subjects.
  • Students must accrue a total of 32 credit points to be awarded the qualification.
  • Domestic students may complete the course fully on-line or opt to undertake designated subjects (^) face-to-face at HELI’s Melbourne campus.
  • Onshore international students (studying on a student visa) must study full-time face-to-face with the exception of the three designated (*) online subjects that are not offered face-to-face due to the intrinsically online nature of the subject content.
  • Offshore international students will complete the course 100% online and may study full-time or part-time.
  • Full-time students (including onshore international students) normally complete the course in 1 year over 4 Terms.
  • Part-time students normally complete the course in 2 years over 8 Terms.

Students are normally expected to undertake the course in the sequence detailed in the table above.

Each subject is delivered over a study period of 10 weeks which includes 9 weeks of structured activities and 1 week for finalising and submitting assessments. Each subject has 4 hours of structured educator-directed activities per week and you should allow an average of 8 hours per week of self-directed activities for reading, additional study and preparing assessment tasks.

Details of subject aims, content and assessment tasks can be found via the subject code in the table above.


Holistic Approach to eLearning

Excellence in eLearning

Learning Design and Execution

Innovation in Learning and Education

The Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI) is an institution of higher education aimed at fulfilling a niche role in the independent higher education and industry’s learning and development field. Through its team of higher education experts and researchers, HELI delivers global best-practice advisory services, mentoring and training to the higher education sector, private organisations and the higher education community of practice. In doing so, HELI seeks to improve employment outcomes for the graduates and to promote career advancement within the higher education and private sector. In addition, HELI is committed to supporting the use of elearning within higher education, in order to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. As such, HELI provides a unique and valuable service to multiple industries.

Admission Requirements

Study Pathways

This course also enables the students to proceed to Master of eLearning. HELI offers a pathway to Master of eLearning and an exceptional eLearning and digital experience with the combination of unique methodology, contemporary theory and industry practice.

Career Outlook

Suitable for students who want to become online learning expert; if students have a teaching background, eLearning course can lead to the following jobs in the future:

  • Trainer
  • Business Manager
  • Teacher
  • Analytics Manager
  • Business Coach
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Lecturer
  • Market Analyst
Full-time:   8 terms
Part-time:   12 terms

Full-time:  2 years
Part-time:  3 years
Full-time:  6 subjects/year
Part-time:   4 subjects/year


Domestic : $31,800
International : $36,000


Eligible students may apply for FEE-HELP assistance  in order to help pay all or part of their tuition fees.

Study Mode

Domestic students : 
  • Full-time or part-time
  • online or opt to
  • undertake designated
  • subjects (^)
  • face-to-face at HELI’s
  • Melbourne campus


4 intakes/year
31 January 2022
26 April 2022
18 July 2022
10 October 2022