In June last year I wrote about the need for the academic staff of higher education providers (HEPs) to meet the three requirements of Standard 3.2.3:

    1. Knowledge of their discipline informed by continuing scholarship;
    2. Skills in contemporary teaching, learning and assessment principles; and
    3. A qualification in a relevant discipline at least one level higher than the course they are teaching.

Ensuring compliance against the HESF2015 and preparing for TEQSA re-registration is not a race, it’s a journey.

To support higher education providers (HEPs) on this journey, HELI has developed a mapping tool to record how each member of an institution’s academic staff has the requisite qualifications, teaching experience and continuing scholarship to meet Standard 3.2.3.

At HELI we have mapped our academic staff’s qualifications, teaching experience and continuing scholarship using the tool and were able to assure ourselves that there were no gaps against the standard.

As part of our commitment to elevating Australia’s independent higher education sector, we are offering this mapping tool at no charge to other HEPs.

If, after completing the mapping exercise, you do identify any gaps, HELI stands ready to assist your organisation to fill those gaps with a range of advisory services, professional development units or HELI’s Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Academic Practice.