“On 29 June 2021 there were 9,382 vacancies for learning designers in Australia. It’s the perfect time for HELI’s Master of eLearning. ”

The extent and speed of the move to online learning over the last few months has been extraordinary. The efforts of those involved should be rightly lauded. However, whilst conducting face-to-face classes using zoom was pragmatic and timely, it was costly in terms of staff burnout, learner satisfaction rates, and institutional reputations.

With the shift, online organisations involved in education and training have woken up to the need for learning and instructional designers. These professionals, working with subject matter experts in academia, corporations, not-for-profits, and government agencies, are developing engaging, structured, relevant, and effective learning modules of all shapes, sizes, and scales. A short online search provides the following insights on job vacancies for learning designers globally on 29 June 2021:

Australia (seek.com) – 9,382 jobs
New Zealand (seek.com) – 1,830 jobs
UK – 3,166 jobs
USA – 18, 816 jobs

The Higher Education Leadership Institute has developed its Master of eLearning in response to the need for professionals with the knowledge and capability to lead the design and delivery of high-quality eLearning. If you’re interested in positioning yourself as a leader in eLearning, be that as a designer, teacher, trainer, academic, or employer then HELI’s Master of eLearning is the right qualification for you.

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