A recent article in Times Higher Education (THE) predicts the esteem of eLearning expertise in a post COVID-19 world to the point where “learning designers supplant traditional academics”.

This prediction is based on a discussion paper by the University of Melbourne’s Centre for the Study of Higher Education which reports on emerging trends for higher education caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The paper predicts a growing student acceptance of online study. While not every student’s first preference, some will find the flexibility offered by online learning appealing. Furthermore, the perception of online delivery as somehow being inferior to face-to-face classes will diminish as students are exposed to quality online learning experiences.

Separately, eLearning is emerging as the modality of choice to deliver corporate training across large corporations with a wide geographic footprint.

Although conceived and designed before the current coronavirus pandemic, HELI’s Master of eLearning is perfectly placed to professionally develop the next generation of learning designers in both academic and corporate settings.