Before, present, and future of eLearning professionals

⦁ What to focus on and why? I started my journey in eLearning as a trained teacher specialising in educational technology. I was taught to be a ‘good’ teacher who can help schools and subject teachers to optimise “the theory and practice of design, development, ultilization, management and evaluation of processes and resources for learning”- […]

The design deliberately offered three critical components

I am Course Coordinator and teach Design Thinking among other subjects, in the Masters of eLearning. I have substantial experience as an internal and external consultant, and the case I present briefly here involves leading an organizational change case using design thinking principles in a major telecom in the Middle East. Without going into too […]

How to evidence that what you do counts! Perhaps tell your story….

Today’s world demands accountability.  Our workplaces are defined using strategic plans, key performance indicators, and professional development plans.  Our personal lives include SMART goals to help us achieve our dreams. Indeed, we even judge our own value with “likes” and “retweets” from social media sites.  This, thus, begs the question “How do we demonstrate that […]

Trends in tertiary education

Posted ByInterim Dean and Associate Professor Scott Richardson Whilst the future for tertiary education remains optimistic, what is clear from the current crisis facing the sector is that tertiary education must change and develop to meet the rapidly evolving needs of learners and the industries in which graduates will work. There has been much written […]

Creating learning communities in heli’s courses

Effective learning occurs when course design facilitates community. Learners at HELI have multiple ways to share their views and engage with peers in our online courses. Whether it be through collaborative assessments, discussion forums, weekly Zoom workshops, or idea-sharing through Padlet, learners have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with each other and the course […]

It’s the perfect time for heli’s master of elearning

“On 29 June 2021 there were 9,382 vacancies for learning designers in Australia. It’s the perfect time for HELI’s Master of eLearning. ” The extent and speed of the move to online learning over the last few months has been extraordinary. The efforts of those involved should be rightly lauded. However, whilst conducting face-to-face classes […]

The age of the elearning professional cometh

A recent article in Times Higher Education (THE) predicts the esteem of eLearning expertise in a post COVID-19 world to the point where “learning designers supplant traditional academics”. This prediction is based on a discussion paper by the University of Melbourne’s Centre for the Study of Higher Education which reports on emerging trends for higher education caused by the coronavirus pandemic. […]

Credit for holders of tae qualifications

HELI is offering credit for prior learning into the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Academic Practice and Master of eLearning for holders of certain TAE qualifications as follows: Master of eLearning The Master of eLearning is specifically designed to develop the skills needed to meaningfully engage in all aspects for eLearning in both educational institutions and professional settings. Graduate Certificate in […]

Independent higher education – the year in review

As 2019 quickly comes to an end, I would like to take stock of the main issues that have impacted on the independent higher education sector over the past year. Here are my key observations from the past 12 months. TEQSA approved 12 new higher education providers during 2019, with only two going through the […]

Are you ready?

In June last year I wrote about the need for the academic staff of higher education providers (HEPs) to meet the three requirements of Standard 3.2.3: Knowledge of their discipline informed by continuing scholarship; Skills in contemporary teaching, learning and assessment principles; and A qualification in a relevant discipline at least one level higher than the […]